Atlantic City Non-Casinos

Atlantic City Non-Casinos
(Plan 202)

Have you visited our Health Center yet?

Our Health Fund

1801 Atlantic Ave, Suite 200

Atlantic City, NJ 08401

(888) 437-3480 for benefits

(609) 570-2400 for health center

Phone Hours:
9:00am to 5:00pm Eastern Time

$0 Copays at our Health Center

• Primary Care • Labs• Physical Therapy • Pharmacy • Ultrasounds • Mental Health and Member Assistance Programs (EAP) • And more


Just for us!

Located in the same building as our Fund Office, our Health Center provides us with exclusive access to primary care, lab services, physical therapy and more.

It’s medical care just for us. You’ll spend less time waiting and more time getting the care you deserve from nurses and doctors who care about our members and families.

Check it out: our Health Center recently added a FREE pharmacy, ultrasounds, mental health services and more.

Make sure you and your dependents are eligible and enrolled to visit the Health Center. If you need help finding out, just call: (888) 437-3480

Schedule an appointment: (609) 570-2400

1801 Atlantic Avenue, 3rd Floor, Atlantic City, NJ 08401

Find a Doctor

Don’t go out of network! It costs too much money!

If you need special care or something not available at our Health Center, call these helpful phone numbers to find a doctor in network. Check out some of these other links too for help.

Find a doctor
Call (800) 810-2583 or visit Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey

Find an eye doctor
Call (800) 999-5431 or visit Davis Vision

Find a dentist
Call (800) 843-4727 or visit BeneCare

You can also get prescriptions by mail
Call (866) 814-7105

Find mental health services
“Mental health services” is treatment for illnesses related to moods, feelings,
emotions and behavior that focuses on recovery

Call (866) 248-4094 or visit Optum


Good health starts with knowing your benefits!

Download a copy of your Benefits at a Glance (current) • Benefits at a Glance (effective 1/1/2018).
It is an overview of your benefits but some information may have changed.

Call us to double-check: (888) 437-3480

View your SPD here: Atlantic City - Non-Casinos

After each SPD is published, certain changes may have been made to your benefits. These changes are reflected in a Summary of Material Modifications (SMM) that are mailed to each member. View these SMMs on our library page. (Click your plan button under "Atlantic City Region".)


Hospitality Rx now manages your pharmacy benefits! Please view their website for more details.




Certain types of care require “pre-certification” or approval. This helps us to keep costs low and forces doctors and nurses to talk better to each other about the care you receive.

Get pre-certification for certain medical care
Call Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey: (866) 899-0626

Get pre-certification for certain imaging services like MRIs, CT scans, etc.
Call EviCore National: (866) 496-6200

Call us if you need help figuring out what needs authorization or pre-certification: (888) 437-3480


Here are some forms you may want to print and fill out before you visit us in the Fund office. You may also mail some of them.

Call us if you need help understanding these forms: (888) 437-3480

Pharmacy forms