Food Service Plan – Kaiser

Food Service Plan –
Kaiser (Plan 176)

Have you seen your Primary Care Provider (PCP)?

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Your Health Fund

For Kaiser benefit questions, call:

Mid-Atlantic Kaiser (Plan D):

Inside Washington D.C. (301) 468-6000
  Outside Washington D.C. (800) 777-7902

Southern California Kaiser (Plan E): (800) 464-4000




For questions about your eligibility or other benefits, call:

Mid-Atlantic Kaiser (Plan D):  (855) 321-4373

Southern California Kaiser (Plan E):   (855) 484-8480

Kaiser Advice Nurse

For medical-related questions, call:

Mid-Atlantic Kaiser (Plan D): Inside Washington D.C. (703) 359-7878
  Outside Washington D.C. (800) 777-7904

Southern California Kaiser (Plan E): (888) 576-6225



Don’t go out of network! It costs too much money!

Find a doctor or urgent care center:

Mid-Atlantic Kaiser (Plan D):

Southern California Kaiser (Plan E):




Good health starts with knowing your benefits. 

If you're already enrolled, you can log in to our member portal to view your current benefits and the benefits summaries that apply to you. After log in, click the ENROLLMENT button and then "I have no changes."

Download a copy of your Benefits at a Glance (applies to the Kaiser Signature plan).

Plan D Plan E

If you are in the Kaiser Select Plan, or if you have the Davis Vision Plan or Short Term Disability Plan, please contact your health fund for a copy of your Benefits-at-a-glance, Summary Plan Description or Summary of Benefits and Coverage.

View your SPD here:

Plan DPlan E

After each SPD is published, certain changes may have been made to your benefits. These changes are reflected in a Summary of Material Modifications (SMM) that are mailed to each member. View these SMMs on our library page. (Click your plan button under "National Plans".)

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