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  Retail1 Mail Order2
Certain preventive drugs/ supplies $0 $0
Generic $5 copay $10 copay
Preferred brand name drugs $25 copay $50 copay
Non-preferred brand name drugs $40 copay $80 copay
Specialty brand name drugs
$25 copay N/A

1Retail: Up to a 34-day supply     2Mail order: Up to a 90-day supply

Brand name drug with generic available

If you or your healthcare provider insist on a brand name drug when a generic equivalent is available, you must pay the generic copay plus the difference in cost between the brand and generic drug.


If the generic copay is $10, the brand name drug is $80 and the generic is $50, you will pay $40. $10 copay plus $30 difference in cost.

Don't go out of network, it will not be covered!

In Network

Out of Network

View your network pharmacies here Wal-Mart
Sam's Club
Certain independent local pharmacies


Remember: Don't go out of network, you will pay 100% of the cost!

Other Information

Formulary Lists

You can get diabetic supplies from any retail pharmacy that’s in the network or by mail order. If you need a new glucometer, get one for FREE:

These are programs your doctor MUST use:

  • Prior Authorization. Your doctor must request approval for all Specialty and Biosimilar drugs and some Preferred and Non-Preferred Brand Name drugs before the prescription is picked up. If you need to take a drug that requires prior authorization, your doctor must call (888) 479-2000.
  • Step Therapy. Before using some drugs that are very expensive, you and your doctor must try less expensive drugs that are proven to work just as well—sometimes they even have the same ingredients.
  • Quantity Limit Program. This is sometimes called “dispensing limits.” If you are receiving more than what is considered safe (by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration), the Fund will not pay for it unless your physician can justify why you need a higher quantity limit.

These programs save you and your health fund money, keep you safe, and prevent abuse and fraud.

We know it is sometimes medically necessary to take a drug even if it is the more expensive option. In these situations, your doctor must get approval by calling (888) 479-2000.

If you have already gone through prior authorization or step therapy for a specific drug, you may not need to go through it again. In addition, medications may be added to the step therapy list every January 1st and to the prior authorization list throughout the year.

Specialty Drugs
These include drugs used to treat health conditions such as growth hormone deficiency, hepatitis C, immune deficiency, hemophilia, multiple sclerosis and rheumatoid arthritis.

  • We work with Welldyne Specialty Pharmacy to get the best service and the best prices. If you need a specialty drug, you MUST get them through this specialty pharmacy. Your doctor MUST first get approval by calling: (800) 641-8475.
  • We will help you with this transition process. If you are currently taking a Specialty drug, have your doctor call us at (844) 857-5772 to learn how to transition to Welldyne Specialty Pharmacy.
  • Because of an exciting new program we are using, you may pay less some months for your Specialty drugs than the listed maximum copay—we will provide details when we contact you.

Mail order pharmacy program:

  • Your plan will send medicine straight to your mailbox and it costs less!
  • To enroll, call our Mail Order Pharmacy partner, WelldyneRx, at (888) 479-2000.