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Our Health Fund

218 S. Wabash Ave, Suite 800   |  Chicago, IL 60604  

(800) 419-4373 or (312) 461-1916 
Phone Hours: 8:30am to 4:30pm Central Time

Go with the Green!

AMITA Health with St. Anthony and Little Company of Mary hospitals partnered with us to give us the best care at the best value. Make sure to find a new doctor in the Green!

Stick with the Blue.

Logo_BCBS-ILGet care in the BlueChoice network through BlueCross BlueShield of Illinois.


Provider Finder 

Here’s a guide to help you figure out how to use the Provider Finder.

Go with the Green.  Or Stick with the Blue.

The 12 hospitals and 1400+ doctors in the AMITA network give great care at the best prices.  You can also get care in the BlueChoice network (through BlueCross BlueShield of Illinois) at fair prices.  But no matter what you decide, be sure to STAY IN NETWORK!  The Fund won’t pay your bills if you go out of network (unless it’s an emergency).

Kick start your journey to better health.

Learn how to "Go with the Green" with this easy-to-use booklet describing your new network and benefits with AMITA Health! It was specifically designed for you and your dependents!


Make sure you get a PCP!  

What’s a PCP?

A family physician, internist, pediatrician, physician assistant or nurse practitioner.

Having a primary care provider (PCP) is a lot like having a great mechanic. They are the first ones you call—whether for routine service or bigger problems. They make sure all the doctors you see are working as a team. He or she knows you and makes sure you and your issues don’t fall through the cracks of an often-confusing system.

Find a PCP: HERE!

Find a Doctor

Go with the Green! Call (800) 419-4373 or check out the Provider Finder.

Stick with the Blue: Find a BlueCross BlueShield provider here or use BCBS Blue Access for Members.

Find a dentist
Call Cigna (800) 244-6224







Good health starts with knowing your benefits!

Download a copy of your “Benefits at a Glance.” It is an overview of your benefits, but some information may have changed.

Call us to double-check: (800) 419-4373.

View your SPD here: Chicago Hotels

After each SPD is published, certain changes may have been made to your benefits. These changes are reflected in a Summary of Material Modifications (SMM) that are mailed to each member. View these SMMs on our library page. (Click your plan button under "Chicago Midwest Region".)


Hospitality Rx now manages your pharmacy benefits! Please view their website for more details.



Pre-certification and Forms

Certain types of care require “pre-certification” or approval. This helps us to keep costs low and forces doctors and nurses to talk better to each other about the care you receive.

Get pre-certification for certain medical care
Call (800) 367-9938 or visit Medical Cost Management

Call us if you need help figuring out what needs authorization or pre-certification: (800) 419-4373


Here are some forms you may want to print and fill out before you visit us in the Fund office. You may also mail some of them.

Call us if you need help understanding these forms: (800) 419-4373

Pharmacy forms