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ChesPenn Health Services

Find an in-network provider

Don’t go out of network – it costs too much money! Visit the FREE health center or find an in-network provider.

Learn more about your benefits

  • View the Benefits at a Glance. Call UHH Member Services for questions (888) 437-3480.
  • View the Atlantic City Casinos Summary Plan Description (SPD)
    • Note: After each SPD is published, certain changes may have been made to your benefits. These changes are reflected in a Summary of Material Modifications (SMM) that are mailed to each member. View these SMMs on our library page. (Click your plan button under "Atlantic City Casinos").

Pharmacy (Hospitality Rx)

Hospitality Rx manages your pharmacy benefits! View their website for more details.



Prior Authorization

Some types of care and treatment require prior authorization or approval.

  • Call BCBS of NJ: (866) 899-0626.
  • For certain imaging services like MRIs, CT scans, etc. Call EviCore National: (866) 496-6200.
  • Not sure if something needs prior authorization? Call UHH Member Services (888) 437-3480.

ChesPenn Health Services

When it comes to FREE health centers, pharmacies, and labs, our Harrah's-Philadelphia members have options. View a complete list of FREE health centers, pharmacies, and labs. Make sure to bring a current medical or prescription ID card and check your eligibility before you go. Remember, if your spouse has other primary insurance, these benefits and services will not be free.

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