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Is your chronic condition taking over?

Find out what small changes can make a big impact on:

• Diabetes
• High blood pressure
• Cholesterol
• Asthma
• Arthritis
• Heart Disease
• And others 


Call us to see if you qualify for this FREE program: (855) 484-8480

Manage your chronic condition

Designed by Stanford University for people with ongoing health conditions, Better Living is a FREE program that meets once a week for six weeks.  Each workshop lasts 2½ hours.  Learn more and click on this video.



2015 Better Living Report

Kaiser HMO

Don’t go out of network! It costs too much money!

Find a doctor
Call (800) 464-4000 or visit Kaiser Permanente

Advice nurse and appointments: (800) 954-8000

After hours advice nurse: (833) 574-2273

Other Benefits

Good health starts with knowing your benefits!

Download a copy of your benefit summary.

Benefit Summary

It is an overview of your benefits, but some information may have changed.

Call us to double-check: (855) 844-5262.

View your SPD here: English        Español

After each SPD is published, certain changes may have been made to your benefits. These changes are reflected in a Summary of Material Modifications (SMM) that are mailed to each member. View these SMMs on our library page. (Click your plan button under "California Region".)


Find an eye doctor
Call (800) 839-3242 or visit UnitedHealthcare Vision


Find a dentist

Call (888) 442-4585 or visit Liberty Dental Plan



Here are some forms you may want to print and fill out before you visit us in the Fund office. You may also mail some of them.

Call us if you need help understanding these forms: (855) 844-5262